Revisions History

JUN 5 2023

  • Improvements have been made to the export functionality of large reports.
  • History reporting has been improved for usability, speed, and completeness. Modifications are now grouped together by change date.
  • A new Test mode has been added for testing system generated emails. Additionally, users can now be optionally added as a Bcc for emails.
  • A new ‘SOP Auditor’ Role has been added. SOP Auditors can view all SOPs regardless of assignment status.
  • A new filter for ‘Assigned Access Only’ has been added to the SOPs Search.
  • Email is no longer case sensitive while using the ‘Forgot username’ feature.
  • A bug was fixed in the ‘All My SOPs’ section so that the Date read column now sorts by date / time.

OCT 20 2021

  • SOPs can now be reassigned for review without adding a new version.
  • Reassignments can be done manually or automatically via an SOP recurring assignment schedule configuration.
  • Added an option to specify SOP versions as not requiring review.
  • Added a new system configuration option that allows employees to self-assign SOPs.
  • Added configuration options for password requirements under system configuration (applies to non-SSO accounts only).
  • Updated all daily emails so that they occur at the ‘Daily email hour’ specified and utilize the default time zone specified under system configuration.
  • Added the number of pending and assigned SOPs to the My SOPs page.
  • Modified the minimum score of a quiz to allow it to be specified as a percentage as well as number of correct answers.
  • Fixed a bug where inactive employees could not be selected in some reports.
  • Fixed A display/sorting issue that occurred when attempting to sort the All SOPs table on the My SOPs page.
  • Updated the quick search filter to only search on active SOPs.
  • Omitted the version number of the most active version of an SOP from the URL of the document by default (applies to document-hosted systems only).

JAN 25 2021

  • The look and feel of the site has been updated.
  • Standard reports have been updated so that the sorting, inclusion, and arrangement of columns are now configurable. Also additional filters and columns have been added.
  • A new ‘Due date’ field has been added for SOPs. This field allows setting a due date for assignments that differs from the Effective date.
  • A new system configuration option has been added that enables notifications for past due assignments.
  • A new system configuration called ‘SOP unique identifier’ has been added that specifies how an SOP can be uniquely identified. The web link for hosted SOPs now uses the SOP unique identifier as part of the URL.
  • Usernames are no longer case-sensitive.
  • Usernames can now be retrieved via a new ‘forgot username’ action.
  • The User’s Guide has been updated and is now available on the web.

JUN 10 2020

The SOPTracker website’s new look is here! We’ve redesigned the SOPTracker website to make it easier to find the information you need. We are still working hard on a similar redesign of the SOPTracker application coming later this year. Stay tuned for more information.

We will also be replacing the existing User’s Guide with an enhanced online help system, which will provide easier and faster access to SOPTracker user information and tutorials.

As always, the SOPTracker team is here to help. Please reach out to us with any comments, questions, or concerns via our contact form.

JAN 3 2020

  • Employee Documents - An optional feature has been added that allows documents, such as training records or certifications to be added to employee profiles.
  • A new email configuration option has been added that provides an alternative option for automatic email notifications. Instead of the system sending emails immediately for assignments, emails can now be delayed and sent once a day or every hour. Any new assignments made within the chosen time period will be aggregated into one email instead of several emails.
  • Saved reports – Report criteria for most standard reports can now be saved, as well as made to be the default.
  • A bug with Change History reports was fixed. The bug prevented prior modifications from appearing in the history report for deleted SOPs, Employee Groups and SOP Collections.
  • Several system library updates have been made.
  • The site footer for the web app has been updated to include the version number of SOPTracker, so that it's easy for the user to determine which version number of the application they're utilizing.